Flintknapping is the ancient art of fashioning stones into useful tools.
Making a successful arrowhead, spearhead, or knife blade may sound primitive but I find it much more challenging than building a successful rocket.
My hobbies lean to the opposite ends of the technology scale.
This page is not a tutorial on how to make arrowheads as I still have a lot to learn.
Below is some video of a couple pieces I have made:

This piece had a boundary between the mahogany obsidian (brown-red and black) and the silver sheen obsidian. I was able to make the piece with both sides having the different type of obsidian:

The video below shows a backlight arrowhead I made from midnight lace obsidian:

I have tried making arrowheads from raw rock but have chosen to make them from cut slabs.
I was wasting way to much nice rock in the classical reduction methods.
Working from cut slabs is called the FOG method, which stands for "Flake Over Grind"
I will add links soon to sites that teach the various methods. For now check out www.neolithics.com. Craig's videos are excellent purchases if you want instructional video and his site has great materials to work with.