Chemistry Projects

Micro-Chemistry is the science of doing classical chemistry experiments in a scaled down version. By using amounts on a small scale one gains added safety, cost savings, and preservation of resources.
Topics will be added as I wander back into this hobby.

An important chemical for some energetic chemistry experiments is Bismuth Oxide. It is used in a non-toxic exotic strobing thermite. However this chemical can be difficult to find, especially in the small amounts needed for micro-chemistry experiments. If one only needs a couple grams or less the following link shows how the compound can be made from over the counter pink bismuth medicine.
Dragon Eggs: Bismuth Compounds from Bismol Tablets

Nitrate test

This experiment relates to my hobbies of chemistry, microbiology, and rocketry as it uses bacteria to convert ammonia to nitrates. When the nitrates are purified with potassium ions the resulting potassium nitrate can be used as an oxidizer in sugar sorbitol rocketry. The following link shows how this experimental test of concept was set up and early results
Nitrate Synthesis from Ammonia in a Bacterial Bio-reactor