** 03/2015:  Time Lapse: Giant Amoeba video makes it on to BBC's
Nature's Weirdest Events
Series 4 Episode 3   

12/2014:  Aspirin Crystallization Fireworks 1080HD on YouTube   
To inquire about 4K version footage use our Email Us link  

10/2014:  Sulfur: Microscopic Crystallization                                  
10/2014:  Time Lapse: October's blood Moon !                              
** 02/2014:  Time Lapse: Giant Amoeba engulfs rock !                      
03/2013:  Video: WaterBears emerging from dried "Tun" state    
11/2012:  Making Bismuth oxide from Pepto-Bismol                     
11/2012:  Using bacteria to make nitrates from ammonia.            

Hobbies in the realm of science can introduce one to the wonders of the universe around us. Whether looking up through a telescope or down through a microscope or picking up agates on the beach, wonders surround us.
This site is to share some of the discoveries captured by the page author and to encourage others to explore the world around them. Take a look at what interests you here then go out and explore the world around us.


Crystals can be seen in rock collections or grown from solutions.  This page takes us to the microscopic level.   Through the microscope crystals can be observed at a level not usually seen.  Digital cameras can capture images and with video they can be seen as they grow.  Special analysis filters bring out a rainbow of colors 



Within the streams ponds and puddles around us lives another world of unseen creatures.  With a microscope they can be observed photographed and video captured.



This hobby covers a wide range of interests and fields of science including aerodynamics, physics, and chemistry.   Hobbyists interested in electronics develop a wide range of equipment such as altimeters, electronic GPS tracking and in-flight videos.



Everything we see, handle, and even eat is based on chemistry.  Many of our current scientists in many fields found their interest in science sparked by experimenting with energetic chemical reactions during their youth.    This hobby can overlap with rocketry when investigating rocket propellants.



On the other end of the technology scale from rocketry is flintknapping.  While it may be considered a primitive science  I have found it much harder to make a good arrow head than to make a good rocket.  I have gained much appreciation and respect for our ancestors that discovered how to fashion stones into tools.

Find something interesting?  Have any questions about these topics?  Click our Email link at the Top of the page and let us know.